About Us

Avery and Sun is a family owned and operated solar energy contracting firm based in central Kentucky and serving most of southern Indiana and Kentucky.

Avery and Sun was founded by Sam Avery who firmly believes that conversion to alternative energy is not only for a few fringe environmentalists. With our ever changing world, current economic conditions, and recent technological updates, it is quickly becoming cost effective for everyone to consider the conversion to solar energy as a way of supplementing total energy usage.


What People Are Saying

Dana Johnson 4.2 kw, 20 - 210w Kyocera panels, 2 SMA 3000 inverters
"In 2009, I built a 4200 sq.ft. home in Hardin County, Kentucky and had a 4.2 kw solar system installed by Avery and Sun. Sam Avery and I initially met prior to construction to go over the project details. He answered my questions and provided information on coordinating the project with the local utility company. He also made suggestions on how to save money. The installation was completed on time, on budget, and in a professional and competent manner. By comparison, my daughter has an all electric 3,100 sq.ft. home nearby and her electric bills are approximately 77% higher and she consumes 80% more power (kw). I am pleased with the system installed and wholeheartedly endorse Avery & Sun if you are considering a solar system for your home."

Steve Hess 5.98 kw, 26 - 230w Canadian Solar panels, SB 6000 inverter
"Sam Avery is very knowledgeable, competent, and easy to work with. He installed my 6kw system with snow still on the ground, and it's making great electricity already!"

Dr. Don Feeney, Jr. 2.46 kw, 12 - 205w Kyocera panels, SMA 2500 inverter
"The photovoltaic system installed by Avery and Sun has performed flawlessly and provides 100% of my electric needs plus a kwh credit of about $500/year. I plan on purchasing a Nissan Leaf electric car in the near future and powering it with solar energy. Sam explained to me clearly how the system worked, and installed the system in a timely fashion. The panels have survived the 80 mph winds, ice storm, and heavy rains Louisville experienced in 2009. I would refer Sam Avery to anyone interested in having their business or residence evaluated for photovoltaic panels. Alternative energy is the way out of the strangle hold coal has on our environment and our health. If someone told me that one day my home would be powered by the sun I wouldn't have believed them. I'm happy to be a part of the Great Turning away from fossil fuels."

Rich Griendling 19.84 kw, 62 - 310w Canadian Solar panels, 3 Fronius Inverters
"We just got our first electric bill since installing the solar panels. A whopping $10.12! Last year at the same time the bill was $214.58. In addition we have racked up enough SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) for a payment of approx. $125. Love those sunny days!”

Jackie Gerard 11.16 kw, 36 - 310w Canadian Solar panels, Fronius 10.0 Inverter
"How about this outcome comparing electricity bills between April 2014 pre solar and April 2015 post: Pre solar ( and I must add pre continuing conservation efforts): electric bill April 2014--$360 compared to post conservation and solar panels April 2015--$99. An important outcome to us-- a real reduction in carbon emitted from burning fossil fuels!”

Dennis and Wendy Price 4.18kw, 22 - 190w panels, SB 5000 inverter
"The daily transition from grid to sun and back is truly seamless. We have been keeping track of our daily production in a spread sheet. In December we produced 55.7 percent of our power and 59.6 percent in January. Of course we are happy with the installation (no leaks and the panels have not blown off the roof as of yet). You did have a superior crew working for you."