How do I get started?


Access your site.  Take a look at what you have.  When you call we will want to know:

Do you have a place with open sun from mid morning to late afternoon? This can be a rooftop or open ground-level area without trees, buildings, dormers, etc. that will block sunlight throughout the middle part of the day.  Even partial shade will reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

What are the dimensions of your solar space?  Within a foot or two, how long and wide is it?  If it is a rooftop, what material is it and how steep?  (Flat, steep, 45 degrees, etc)


Talk it over with everyone who will be in on the decision.  Obviously you will not be able to decide anything without a cost estimate, but is this something you really want to do?  Our estimate will not cost you anything, but it will cost us our time and, unfortunately, a gallon or two of gas.  We want to talk to you when you're serious.


Call us.  Better yet, e-mail us.  It's better to have things written down, and we may be up on a roof somewhere.  If it sounds promising, we'll come to look at your site anywhere between Louisville and Bowling Green.  We'll give you some options and design a system that fits your needs and budget.  If it does not make sense to us, don't be surprised if we talk you out of it.  


Contact your electric utility.  They are required by federal law to allow you to "tie in" with a PV system, but they may have some special information and requirements.   Chances are we have already worked with them, but as the consumer (and co-producer) you will have a direct relationship to them.

If you decide to go solar, we'll ask for a deposit and order the equipment.  It usually takes a few weeks to ship and one to three days to install.  The final connection to your electric panel will be made by a licensed electrician. 


If you decide to go solar, you will no longer be part of the problem.  You will be part of the solution.